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Our Philosophy

  • We believe each individual has the potential to evolve and create his desired future.
  • We believe each individual is the greatest craftsman of his life.
  • We believe that organizations play an extremely important role in the evolution of society, in the happiness of individuals and in the sustainable generation of wealth.
  • We act with ethics and care in relationships, with respect to diversity, co-creating solutions with our partners and clients.

Leadership in Motion

To lead is to move with purpose. Acquiring greater awareness of what moves us and how to reach our individual and collective goals, is the reason for being and acting of our company. Our essence is to boost the leadership movement from the inside out, from I to US, from EGO to ECO.

Immunity to Change

Target audience: professionals, entrepreneurs, groups and teams who wish to become aware of and free themselves from obstacles that impede their personal and / or professional evolution and the achievement of his goals.

Purpose: To map limiting beliefs and act to create empowering beliefs. It supports effectively organization change processes.

Outcomes: Leaders and teams can create strategies to overcome internal obstacles that impede the achievement of desired goals and thereby accelerate their development and maximize their likelihood of reaching them. They build new beliefs that release growth and create a common language that generates possibilities.

Team Development Journey

Target audience: teams that wish to become high performing teams.

Purpose: To map the current state of the team and the desired future in relation to results, relationships, purpose and processes. It is a journey built with the team, focused on the development of its members and the team itself, anchored in a solid conceptual framework that sustains practices directly connected with business objectives. The evolution of the team occurs in parallel in the periodic meetings with the Coach and "on the job". Includes team coaching practices, meeting facilitation, contracting and conceptual frameworks.

Outcomes: The team and its members develop a new perspective on the connection between individual and team development, coming to understand the interdependence of its members and their behaviors in generating collective results. They reinforce common purpose, accountability and commitment.

Leadership in Motion Program@

Target audience: professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders who want to challenge the status quo and who are seeking to live in alignment with their personal purpose.

Purpose: to offer an experience that allows each participant to get in touch with their essence and to design their evolutionary process in consonance with their values.

Outcomes: individuals living their leadership challenges more authentically, managing their life and career in a more conscious and intentional way.

Business Partners

CS Associates, in addition to providing services to professionals and organizations directly, also works in partnership with international consultants and a network of consultants in Brazil and abroad, highly qualified in their areas of expertise.

Catia Stasi, the founder of CS ASSOCIATES, work in regional and global projects for Leadership Development and Culture Transformation, serving clients in the Americas and Europe, virtually and face to face, with the following partners: CCL-Center for Creative Leadership, BTS Coach, Power+ Systems, Triaz International, Axialent and Bright Concept.

Individual, Group and Team Coaching

Target audience: professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders who want to reveal their potential to create the desired future.

Purpose: to seek, through self-knowledge, development of competencies and behaviors, to maximize the evolution potential of individuals, teams and the organization.

Outcomes: Leaders and teams expand their awareness of themselves and their impact on the environment, develop new skills that will directly impact their ability to deliver exceptional and sustainable results.

Organization Workshop

Target audience: groups and teams that wish to understand and experience the organizational system from a new perspective and create effective strategies to cope with complexity and ambiguity.

Purpose: map strategies for increasing collaborative practices and removing barriers that impede systemic leadership. An important part of organizational transformation processes.

Outcomes: Leaders and teams expand their awareness of the systemic forces that govern the system and the organizational culture and become responsible for acting more strategically, facilitating collaboration and partnership within and outside the organization. They broaden the systemic vision, the protagonism and create a common language that generates possibilities.


Target Audience: Professionals, leaders and teams who wish to evolve in their self-knowledge, gain perspective of their reputation and brand of leadership, be more effective in their leadership, aligning intention with action.

Purpose: to create a consistent foundation to subsidize and measure development processes, based on information from self-perception and from the perception of others. They can be used to develop individuals, teams, and support organizational transformation processes.

Outcomes: The use of Assessments validated by recognized institutions and based on reliable research, helps leaders, teams and the organization to conduct discussions on individual and collective development in a more objective and inclusive way. They stimulate diversity, while reinforcing the oneness of each individual, generate awareness of development needs and strengths and support the construction of the Individual Development Plan (IDP). It is highly recommended for Coaching processes, since it brings a more complete perspective on the individual and his development goals.

Catia di Stasi, Founder of CS ASSOCIATES

Born in São Paulo, from a family of Italian immigrants, traveler and polyglot, Catia began to take pleasure in learning about other places and cultures from a very early age, and she never tires of trying to better understand what ultimately unites us as human beings and what separates us. Empathy is her trademark and is materialized in her actions, whether in personal or professional life, sharing with joy her knowledge and her energy. After a successful executive career, she chose to dedicate herself to Human and Organizational Development in order to boost people and organizations in their quest for full realization.

CS ASSOCIATES is the platform she has chosen to express her vocation and her personal mission. She also works in partnership with renowned consultants in Brazil and abroad and teaches Executive Education at Insper.

Some testimonials

“Catia was my coach for career transition and showed extraordinary abilities to guide me through this process and unleash my potential. She helped me to uncover my best capabilities and to engage in a successful path in my professional career.”

Sales and New Business Director at Orbitall, Grupo Stefanini

“I want to thank you for the training you provided last week. It was enlightening and I learned so much – about myself and others. The tools you provided are spread out on my desk as I write this and I am using them! For me, this makes all the difference. You are an excellent teacher, trainer, and a wonderful person and I truly enjoyed our time together.”

RH Manager at Nokia, after Leadership Development Program held in Irving, USA, 2017